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2022-10-03 19:02:15 By : Ms. Sophia Tang

Self-care is important, particularly for us mums, whose busy schedules usually leave little time for pampering and me-time. This is why we have put together this Self-Care Guide 2022. Now feet up, relax and indulge!

INUR is the first beauty brand to launch a full holistic programme of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching for body, mind and skin. Alongside the programme is a NEW natural day and night skincare range created by nutritionists and French skincare experts, which is formulated in Korea using the highest quality natural active ingredients.

INUR was founded by ex-CEO of premium French beauty brand BY TERRY, Marion Assuied, and nutritionist Valérie Espinasse. The brand is a pioneer in the global wellness system for skincare and uses only natural and clean skin nourishing ingredients, such as aloe vera, matcha (from Jeju Island – a UNESCO world heritage site to ensure premium quality), and pre and probiotics, which are all rigorously tested and clinically proven to actively work with the skin’s own natural system.

We like the Renew Sleeping Mask, a powerful overnight mask which restores, revives and refreshes skin whilst the body rests. It combines Aloe Vera, Matcha, Pre and Probiotics, and AHA to give a radiance-boosting bouncy glow to skin when you wake up in the morning.

One application at night, three times a week of Renew Sleeping Mask will bring a blend of active ingredients at a 47% concentration. In tests, 94% said their skin was more hydrated and nourished, and 92% said their skin looked smoother.

Nosheen Hair Oil Hair Care Collection Everything you need for silky, shiny, healthy-looking hair. Our haircare collection brings together our best-selling, eco-friendly products for improving your hair health and promoting hair growth. An ideal choice for anyone wanting to start a new haircare routine.

Whether you have just entered your 30s, you’re thriving at 45 or you’ve just passed the 50-year mark, we all start to experience signs of ageing appearing on our skin at some point.

For some, you might notice the first fine lines and wrinkles appear in your early 30s, whereas others are lucky enough to only see them appear in their mid-40s. We are all about body positivity and embracing your ageing body, but at the same time, we are afraid of letting it happen.

If you’re looking for a product to boost your youthful skin, Revive Collagen offers the perfect solution. Liquid collagen supplements are extremely popular and have proven to be effective in slowing down the ageing process or even reversing signs of ageing.

The collagen drink that Revive Collagen has created uses Type 1 Marine Collagen, which is the key factor in maintaining elasticity and firmness in your skin. By drinking a sachet daily, you can expect to see results after using the collagen supplement for six weeks. Besides revealing younger-looking skin, Revive Collagen can also help with healthier-looking hair and nails!

“As someone who LOVES to feel snatched, I’ve always struggled to find an eye treatment that effectively gives me that firmer & lifted feeling, until now! Our newest baby boosts the tightness of skin while pumping the eye area with brightening & repairing ingredients that work instantly & over time!” – Huda Kattan

From cooling globes and cryo balls to self-care facial massages, Huda is obsessed with at-home treatments and skincare tools because they boost circulation while contouring the face. Wanting to combine that lifted, de-puffed feeling with power-packed ingredients, Huda and the team created Eye Lift & Contour 1% Bakuchiol & Peptide Serum!

It’s WISHFUL’s first refillable eye serum that’s supercharged with snatching ingredients, complete with a zamak tip applicator that mimics Huda’s much-loved tools! Zamak is a type of metal that is cool to the touch; it gives an instant de-puffing and soothing effect which couples with the anti-ageing ingredients for the most effective results!

Stabilised Vitamin C Serum from The Organic Pharmacy. Brighten and even your skin with this powerhouse serum. Suitable for all skin types, it leaves any complexion glowy, smooth, even and bright. Suitable for Vegans

Wellness brand, flânerie, believes that true beauty comes from well-being and that taking a moment for your skin health helps aid a healthy mind and body. flânerie acknowledges that the pressures of modern-day life often leave us unable to switch off and we forget to stop, slow down and appreciate small everyday pleasures. Its mission is to help you take a moment for yourself, through skincare.

By embracing a holistic approach to skincare, flânerie wants to elevate your senses and mind through their formulas enriched with textures and scents to take you on a journey of exploration. Texture plays a key component in their products as it is responsible for reviving different sensations and emotions. Through scent, they hope to evoke memories and feelings as smell is deeply linked to memory. Most of all, flânerie believes beauty is about having fun.

As an introduction to the brand, we recommend their Flaneur Sets (from £89.00).

Hair is more than just a style, it’s an intrinsic part of your identity and who you are, which is why concerns such as hair loss and thinning can be so distressing and upsetting for those who experience it.

Despite common belief — and an array of products on the market promising swift results — there is no shortcut or quick fix when it comes to treating or slowing down hair loss and thinning.

This is where Philip Kingsley comes in. With the launch of their new Density Range, Philip Kingsley have designed a way to help slow hair loss and create your healthiest head of hair at home.

The range includes 9 new products, packed with active levels of advanced ingredients, has been formulated to protect hair density and quality over time, prolong the hair’s life cycle and create an optimal scalp environment for healthy hair growth.

This range is perfect for those looking to thicken the density of their hair overall as well as those experiencing hair thinning and wanting non-medicated solutions.

The range is available to buy now and comprises of Density Preserving Scalp Drops, Density Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner, Protein Spray, Scalp Toner, Scalp Foam, Scalp Mask as well as two supplements: Density Amino Acid, Density Healthy Hair Complex.

The latest certified organic innovation in Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Frankincense Intense™ collection, new Frankincense Intense™ Age-Defying Overnight Mask is clinically proven to firm, lift and recontour skin and crafted with high-performance natural and organic ingredients.

Used as an overnight treatment or a 30-minute boost, this luxurious mask fits flexibly into your routine to leave skin visibly restored and radiant.

As part of a complete routine, RoC® suggests starting with the invigorating Citrus Scented Cleansing Gel that visibly brighten, smooth and retexturize skin with an antioxidant-rich blend that illuminates and enhances radiance and removes dulling impurities.

Forest Essentials is an authentic, traditional Skincare Brand with its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. A pioneer of Luxurious Ayurveda, today it has become the quintessential Indian Beauty Brand that combines the ancient beauty rituals of Ayurveda with a stylish, modern aesthetic for a more relevant emphasis on efficacy, sensorial experience and pleasure of usage.

With over 120 stores in India, the Brand is set to launch its first international store in Covent Garden, London later this year.

As per Ayurveda, a Dosha is the inherent intelligence of the body that decides the innermost nature of every individual. It is the special blend of qualities that makes each of us unique. The 3 Doshas are: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each individual constitutes a balance of these 3 energies.

Discover your unique constitution and your personalized beauty regime by taking this simple questionnaire.

The OK! Beauty Box is launching an exclusive partnership with the beauty queen herself, Billie Shepherd (nee Faiers).

Busy mum Billie shares her must-have beauty favourites in this limited-edition box, which helps her to feel pampered and fabulous, however hectic life gets.

The collection contains a head-to-toe pampering kit from much-loved brands like REN Clean Skincare, Gatineau and Nip & Fab.

On her exclusive Beauty Box with OK!, Billie explains her passion for finding the perfect products for everyone who needs great quick fixes: “Being a busy mum, I’m always looking for products that not only work but ones that are also quick and easy to use in my daily routine. Yes, I have less ‘me-time’ now but I still love to be pampered, so as a result, my go-tos include a few multi-taskers.

Billie continues: “My collection includes gorgeous skin, hair and body product and a few of them are gentle enough to use on the whole family.”

Nadiya Hussain inspires confidence in her first-ever beauty campaign, joining IT Cosmetics as an ambassador for their “Beautiful Without IT, Beautiful With IT” campaign.

Since its launch, IT Cosmetics continues to strive to change the conversation around beauty, building a global community that celebrates confidence and empowers everyone to feel like the best version of themselves.

Nadiya says: “We all find confidence in different ways, I find my boldness in being different, being unique and knowing that there is only one of me. For everyone reading this there is only one of you! It is not always easy to celebrate the thing that makes you different.

It has always been my skin. The colour that my body is enveloped in has made me feel excluded and unsure of the thing that I am most proud of today. To find a product that not only allows me to wear my skin with even more confidence but also makes me feel prouder of who I am is the kind of campaign that I want to put my face to.”

IT seeks to normalise beauty concerns while empowering its community to feel confident in their real skin – whether that is with their skin-loving formulas, or without. As with all previous campaigns, IT Cosmetics celebrates real skin with zero retouching.

Cellulite Package of 6 Treatments at the special price £1495 (until 1 Nov 2022)

At Cloud Twelve we understand the stigma around cellulite and we have designed a unique programme with the leading aesthetic doctors and naturopaths to help you combat cellulite and the issues around it.

This package is devised to achieve long lasting results combining internal and external protocols before, during and after your cellulite removal treatments.

Plus a BONUS worth £650 which includes:

With over 10 years of clinical studies and scientific research Endospheres has harnessed the power of Compressive Microvibration® technology to break down of fibrous septae and accelerate lymphatic drainage. The handpiece uses 55 rotating spheres, which produce a pulsed rhythmic action on the tissues to contour problem areas. This treatment will combat cellulite for three main body areas: gluteus, legs & abdomen. Techniques include:

Offer valid for 6 weeks until November 1st, 2022. First 5 bookings will receive a gift of a Body Brush for at-home lymphatic drainage and skin rejuvenation to improve the appearance of cellulite.

To book, pls call 0203 301 1012 or email [email protected]

A nourishing cleansing balm that melts away makeup, daily pollutants and impurities for a soft and glowing complexion.

Our No.1 best seller transforms into 3 unique textures for the ultimate cleansing experience. It nourishes as a balm, easily removes makeup as a cleansing oil and hydrates as a cleansing milk.

The mineral oil-free formula also infuses Rose and Mimosa waxes with Elderberry, Starflower and Optimega™ Oils. Its unique blend of 9 essential oils including Lavender, Chamomile and Eucalyptus smell like heaven in a jar to invigorate the senses. Skin is left feeling deeply cleansed, soothed and supremely soft.

Support symptoms linked to abdominal bloating and support your liver’s detoxification processes with our Detox + Debloat vitamin. Containing nutrients to support the body’s natural cleansing processes and symptoms linked to digestive discomfort, this vitamin is your ticket to a soothed tummy and healthy liver.

DETOX: Milk Thistle is used in western herbal tradition to maintain and support natural liver cleansing and detoxification processes. Turmeric is proven to maintain and support liver health and acts as a hepatoprotectant to protect the liver. Turmeric is also a strong antioxidant, which can protect the body from free radical damage.

DEBLOAT: Fennel is used in western herbal tradition to support normal digestion. Milk Thistle and Turmeric help promote bile secretion and flow.

JSHealth believes in truly nurturing the body and nourishing it with the right nutrients, minerals and herbs to reach its full potential.

Sensibio H2O is a specific cleansing and make-up removing micellar water for sensitive skin.

Made up of micelles with excellent cleansing and make-up removing properties, Sensibio H2O deeply cleanses the face in the morning and evening, thus preventing pollutants likely to exacerbate skin sensitivity from penetrating the skin.

The micellar technology developed by Laboratoire Bioderma is inspired by the cellular lipids found in the skin. In perfect harmony with the skin, it preserves the natural protective film. Formulated with a physiological pH of around 5.5, Sensibio H2O respects the skin’s biological balance, which is essential to maintain healthy skin.

It soothes and prevents pro-inflammatory risks. Sensibio H2O contains highly purified and pharmaceutical-grade water. It also features a complex of 3 biomimetic soothing sugars which prevent the inflammatory process.

The careful selection of ingredients ensures perfect tolerance and guarantees that any remaining traces of product on the skin pose no risk of damage.

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