Baralan introduces new series of glass jars for skin care products

2022-01-03 15:55:30 By : Ms. Cherry Wei

Newly designed, sophisticated Maria Jar line developed for ease of use

Baralan, a consolidated player in primary packaging for the cosmetics and beauty industries, has introduced the Maria Jar line composed of three new glass jars in different capacities: the Maria Jar 50ml, 75ml and 100ml.

Developed primarily for ease of use with skincare products, all jar sizes in the new series feature a wide neck. The new line expands Baralan’s standard range of products, increasing the maximum jar diameter offered with a special GPI 70 thread.

The Maria Jar line is a completely new design for Baralan. Most notably, the jars’ large neck diameter makes it considerably easier for consumers to retrieve product from inside the container and maximise its use.

Additionally, all size jars of the series are paired with the same accessories. To have only one pairing of accessories to various sized jars creates benefits not only in terms of supply and cost of components, but also in terms of purchasing, logistics and customisation.

As another innovation of this series, the new Malang 70 cap was designed in one unique size that fits all three jars, along with the new protection disc and spatula. Moreover, the liner is assembled with no use of glue. The cap features a “double entry” thread that guarantees a consistent and more reliable closure around the circumference of the neck, ensuring integrity of the filled product with no product loss.

Aligning with Baralan’s focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions, the glass jars and the cap are made with recyclable materials - glass for the Maria Jars and PP or PETG for the Malang cap - ensuring a fully recyclable lifecycle of the products.

Furthermore, both the jars and the cap are each made with a portion of post-industrial recycled (PIR) materials, a means of minimising waste by keeping as much recycled components in the production stream as possible. All Maria jars can be customised with accessories and with various decoration techniques that use only compliant inks and water-based paints, further reducing environmental impact.

“The Maria Jar line offers a premium look and feel, while also delivering many added benefits of user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness and sustainability,” said Maurizio Ficcadenti, Global R&D Manager at Baralan.

“We are always looking to create new products that are not only attractive, but advantageous to brands and their consumers. This line is a shining example of that.”