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On display: multiple award-winning dispensing solutions and full range of breakthrough closures for food and beverage products

Aptar Food + Beverage, a global leader in consumer product dispensing and active material science solutions, is pleased to announce its presence at Pack Expo International 2022, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for packaging and processing. The show is scheduled October 23-26 at McCormick Place in Chicago; Aptar will be located in Booth N-4740. Aptar’s award-winning innovative solutions will also be on display in Pack Expo’s Showcase of Packaging Innovations in Booth W-20052 and in the Institute of Packaging Professionals’ (IoPP) Booth N-4523 in recognition of its innovative approach to closures for a wide range of food and beverages. Aptar Food + Beverage will also unveil its recently launched new brand identity, “Create. Collaborate. Innovate.” which is one more way for Aptar Food + Beverage to demonstrate the company’s passion and commitment to helping companies achieve their bold environmental targets, while striving to create a much more circular economy and make a positive impact on our planet and in the lives of consumers around the world.

“We are excited to again exhibit at this important industry event and to have the opportunity to connect in person with customers, prospects, and partners,” said Susan DeGroot, marketing director in North America. “We are also thrilled to be invited to exhibit our products in the IoPP booth and the Showcase of Packaging Innovations. In our booth, we will show our entire line-up of sustainable, innovative closures for the food and beverage industry, some of which are making their North American debut at the show.”

Aptar has been the industry leader in providing flow control dispensing solutions for more than 25 years. Its award-winning SimpliCycle recyclable valve is driving sustainability to the forefront of packaging innovation. Made from a low-density material, the valve floats in the recycling tanks, allowing it to be easily separated from the PET stream, and then recycled right along with the PP/PE stream. When assembled into an Aptar closure, the SimpliCycle valve provides a fully recyclable and high-performance solution for use with PET, PE, or PP containers. SimpliCycle was honored to be recently awarded the best CSR/Sustainability initiative in 2021 by World Food Innovation Awards and received the prestigious 2022 WorldStar Global Packaging award for packaging innovation as well as the 2022 AmeriStar Award in the Sustainable Packaging category.

Aptar will show its next-generation Rocket sport cap, a tethered solution that redefines the standard for non-detachable, tamper-evident visibility, featuring a wide opening angle for drinking comfort. The Rocket sport cap offers visual consumer safety through a yellow-colored band that indicates whether the packaging has been opened on store shelves or at home. This solution redefines beverage packaging safety standards as the first one in the market to provide a visual and intuitive non-detachable tamper evidence indicator.

The chili sauces’ category is a hot growing market within sauces and condiments. According to a recent Instacart survey, “74% of Americans eat hot sauce with their food, and nearly half (45%) said they typically dash hot sauce on their food once a week or more often.” But a pain point uncovered by Aptar through independent consumer studies is a lack of package cleanliness throughout the product’s life. To combat this challenge, Aptar Food + Beverage is delighted to introduce Tower. Unlike traditional twist-to-open closures used in this format today, Tower leverages a flip-top design. This allows consumers to open the cap without having to touch or view any leftover product residue. Its directional tip also encourages the familiar dashing gesture but reduces the likelihood that product will collect on the closure.

The 2″ Ultra XLV snap top closure is an expansion of Aptar’s 2” Ultra product line, offering a large flow control valve with SimpliSqueeze or SimpliCycle. XLV brings convenient and hygienic dispensing to a wider range of products, including sauces and spreads, such as peanut butter, cream cheese, guacamole, or salsa, that previously required a utensil to spread.

“We are also pleased that our prototype, SLIDE closure, a liner-free solution, was recognized as a 2022 AmeriStar Award Winner by IoPP in the sustainable packaging category and will be on display in our booth as well as in the Innovation Showcase,” DeGroot added. “SLIDE is unique in that it does not require the application of a foil liner between the cap and bottle. Removing the foil liner component improves the consumer opening convenience, eliminates waste as liners are not recyclable, and may reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 16%. This is just another example of our focus on sustainability, performance, hygiene, and consumer convenience.”

Visitors to the Aptar booth at the show will be able to experience the industry’s broadest array of sustainable food and beverage closures as well as take advantage of the expertise of the Aptar team to help address solutions to their packaging needs.

For more information about Aptar’s products and solutions for food, beverage, and other industries, visit www.aptar.com/food-beverage/.

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Article, Food + Beverage, Product Solutions, Sustainability, Innovation & Insights

Article, Food + Beverage, Product Solutions, Sustainability, Innovation & Insights

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